Mavka or Ukraine still hasn’t died

[Press Release]

November 27 - December 24, 2009.
Zeh Gallery, Kyiv, Illinska Str. 16

Doroshenko Gryshchenko Clinic is proud to present:

The multimedia art project Mavka or Ukraine still hasn’t died, deals with the myth and the reality of Ukraine and with her freedom of spirit. Ukraine is shown by artists of different mentalities and generations, in paintings, music and video interpretations.

From the project’s concept:

“Ukraine is commended by the spirit of freedom - this is what distinguishes Ukraine both from Russia, which needs strong state power, and from the West, which relies on set rules. To either of these nations, the energy of freedom seems dangerous and irresponsible, for it is irrational.
The National idea of Ukraine is irrational, mystical freedom. For we may desire the rule of order, mind and harmony, but the rational path to these is incompatible with life for Ukraine. To truly be born out of non-existence, Ukraine as the State, as a Nation, must find its own perceived way of the freedom.
Ukraine is finding its way. Like Mavka, it is breaking from the beyond, from the ideal, into this world.”

The subtle and unique imagery of Oleksa Zakharchuk's realistic landscapes show Ukraine as a country which has never disappeared and has never been lost throughout history; the beauty of her nature, strength and spirit have always been here, in and around us. The symbolic paintings of Michael Murphenko, one of the most unconventional young-generation international artists living in Ukraine, take a look beyond the boundaries of reality, try to touch the subconscious of Ukraine and its myth. The sound installation by internationally renowned composer of electronic music Alla Zagaykevych sings with Mavka's voice. It is the Ukrainian soul singing. While Oksana Murphenko's video installation captures the mystery of metamorphosis taking place in the common realm of landscape and human presence. It opens a window for everyone to individually meditate and reflect on the freedom of spirit present amidst the social grotesqueness.

Curator: Oksana Gryshchenko
Co-curator: Kostyantyn Doroshenko
With the support of Galician Glass LLC
Information sponsor: Afisha magazine