Mavka or Ukraine still hasn’t died

oksana gryshchenko [curator's text]

There is a notion that national idea can provide a solution and show the way to save the country. However national idea is not a remedy to our problems. It is the reason for our being.

Ukrainian spirit is the spirit of freedom. Throughout the centuries, our artists, heroes, writers and philosophers have praised freedom, regardless of the language they spoke and the State they lived in. It is our essence, our blessing, and the cross we bear.

This is what distinguishes us from Russia, a country which needs strong state power, and from the West, which relies on set rules. To them, the energy of freedom seems dangerous and irresponsible, for it is irrational and vital, it poses danger to the established order of things and leads to a loss of control.

Consciously, we agree. For we can cherish it and sing odes to it all we want, but without a mission and a vision, the unbridled energy of freedom has time and again led Ukraine into a chaos of arguments and discord. It is as if our very nature and soul turns against us and wrecks our dreams.

Our generation has seen Ukraine receive the gift of independence and statehood. It is now our task to transform this energy of freedom into the freedom of spirit, into a new consciousness. Our generation's calling is to realise Ukraine's mission as the source of freedom of spirit for the whole world.

Like Mavka, Ukraine is breaking into this world from the beyond, from the ideal. Let's meet her.

Oksana Gryshchenko, Sokolivka, August 2009