Insectoids Reptiloids – in Search of Harmony

Murphenko Insectoid Reptiloid

Project “Insectoids Reptiloids – in Search of Harmony” was first presented at XXIV World Congress of Legal and Social Philosophy in Beijing in 2009. The very topic of the Congress - Global Harmony and Rule of Law - combined two different self-sufficient values, each being dominating in the minds of a certain group of people.

The concept of the project was inspired by an extravagant geohistorical and social metaphor of Kyrgyz scientist Ilyas Sadybakasov, which divides humanity into insectoids and reptiloids - two models of civilisations, influenced by geography.

According to Sadybakasov, reptiloid nations have historically been seafaring peoples. Intelligence, personal development, and progress, which facilitated survival, and later, comfort, are indisputable values of the reptiloid worldview. Individuality is its central theme.

The insectoid world-view originated on mainland, when it still seemed endless. Survival, and later, prosperity, depended on the community. This is a beehive, a community, a hierarchy, a ceremonial. An individual is but a cell in the social body.


Michael Murphenko IR I

While working on the project prior to his trip to Beijing, Murphenko turned to black-and-white graphics, applying traditional western media of pen and ink. Using bubbles and dots, he portrayed the human individual self that corresponded to the mindset of each type.

During the Congress in Beijing in 2009 Murphenko created a series of graphic black-and-white artworks on traditional Chinese rice paper and in Chinese calligraphic ink. These were exhibited at the Congress, accompanied by the initial catalogue with curator's text and concept drawings.


Michael Murphenko IR II

In 2010 "Insectoids and Reptiloids – In Search of Harmony" was presented at Red Dot Miami Art Fair, accompanied by an art catalogue featuring Chinese ink graphics.


Michael Murphenko IR III

In 2011, project had its natural climax in Bishkek. The glass walls of the show room in the Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek inspired Murphenko to create the objects made of glass.


curator's text:
A Metaphor of Social Races


instalation IR III
Chinese paper graphics IR II
concept graphics IR I


Sept 2009 >> Insectoids and Reptiloids - in Search of Harmony,
Beijing, CPR

Dec 2010 >> Insectoids Reptiloids II,
Red Dot, Miami

Sept 2011 >> Insectoids Reptiloids III, Aitiev National Fine Arts Museum, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan