Diary of Purification

Michael Murphenko

michael murphenko [artist's text]

I was born an animal.
I was alone, and became – one.
Now I am torn by space, I slide on shaky time and choke on the energy of my own slipperiness.

I grow and become swollen in the fumes of the 20th Century, which ended with the agony of hungry aggression that stubbornly aims to convert violence from method to aim.

Baby, I fall to the bosom of the written experience of those already departed. And, roaming the labyrinth of spectral ideas, I become Satan from seeing ponderous interpretations of transparent truths. I come across those similar, but they are already infected by the crowded community, rescued only by loneliness under black stars.

I seal my space.
I stop my time.
I twist, to see myself.

But every time, it seems to me, that I am close and almost touching, my living beast breaks a boundary exactly where my back is.

Later, submerging in memories of death, I try to create not the New, but the Other.

Michael Murphenko, Kyiv, March 2004