Freddie Mercury - He Creted Himself

Installation TaborLight. 2012 ,
Canvas, oil, aluminum carcass, cable, 600 x 350 cm.

Artist Statement

Tabor or uncreated light transfigures - it changes/destroys/rebirths everything it touches. Experienced as the light of

Heaven or the fire of Hell, it is equally terrifying and merciless. Meeting of uncreated light turned Moses, Christ and Paul into heretics. Only in uncreated light can we experience the Real - it is the “lifting of the veil”, for a man it is revelation, for the World – the Apocalypse.

The installation is an octaptych suspended above the viewer, addressing but not imitating traditional church ceiling iconography. Each piece shows uncreated light erupting – from the head, the genitals, the back, the body, the air, the behind, the centre. Genesis, Eden, Sacrifice, Death, Mother, Father, Human Race - these paintings spin around the central image of an Archangel – not an idealized reflection but a monster of transformation.


From May 15th through July 31st Michael Murphenko's Installation Tabor Light will be exhibited at the Chocolate House, Kyiv, as part of an international art project titled Apocalypse and Reneissance at the Chocolate House (Mironova Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine).

Author of the projects idea - Oleg Kulik. Curators: Konstantin Doroshenko and Anastasia Shavlohova.

Project will be shown at the Chocolate House, a prominent turn-of-the-20th-century estate, now under the auspices of the Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art.

The project will run as part of the parallel program of ARSENALE 2012, the first Kyiv international biennale of contemporary art.